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Northern Horse Dentistry provides a dedicated service for all your equine dentistry needs. I am always extremely kind and patient with all horses and treat each one on an individual basis. My approach is always to aid the function of the mouth and I prefer to preserve the life of the tooth rather than it be a cosmetically enhancing process.

Why do horses need their teeth rasping?

Many people are unaware that horses require their teeth rasping and so here are some of the reasons as to why dental checks are so important. Firstly, unlike human teeth, horses teeth are constantly erupting into the horse’s mouth. For a horse to eat, it needs to move its lower jaw, in a circular movement, to grind the food against the upper teeth. This process breaks down the food so the horse can digest it. This grinding motion naturally wears down the horse’s teeth.

Welcome to Northern Horse Dentistry

Northern Horse Dentistry provides a highly professional, kind and patient, yet affordable service to every horse examined. The treatment given will improve the level of comfort in the horse’s mouth, help the horse to eat better and eliminate any discomforts which have been previously affecting performance and generally improve the overall wellbeing of your horse..

About Me

Coming from a family who all rode horses, I was literally put on a horse as soon as I could sit up. I loved everything about the equine species, and so from a young age, I knew that I was destined to have a career working with horses.

I decided to attend Liverpool Vet School and train to become a vet. However, at the end of my 4th year of study, whilst on a break from university, I booked a local EDT to come and perform dental rasps on my own two horses, and I quickly decided this was the profession for me. I was so impressed with the improvement in my horses after being rasped by an EDT, that I contacted the EDT and he offered me an apprenticeship.

I graduated from Liverpool Vet School with a BSc in Animal Science and began working as an apprentice for Antony de Csernatony, of Progressive Horse Dentistry. After completing the apprenticeship, I set up as a sole trader as ‘Northern Horse Dentistry’ in 2011. To become further qualified, I am also currently completing the necessary requirements to be added to the BEVA list of EDTs.

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News & Offers I will be on holiday 18th-24th June.

Give yourselves the best possible chance this season by having your horse's teeth checked.

Evening and weekends appointments available at no extra cost!!

This year Northern Horse Dentistry is sponsoring the following riders-

Nicki Whaites, Georgia Hirst & Russell Wright. Good Luck!

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